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Northern Lights

UK IFE consortium meeting
26 - 27th March 2024

Hosted by the Centre for Inertial Fusion Studies at Imperial College London

Organising Committee: Aidan Crilly (ICL) and Robbie Scott (CLF)

Over 2 days, approximately 50 members and affiliates of the consortium gathered at Imperial College London to connect and discuss the status of the UK's inertial fusion research.

Below are the schedules and talk slides where available:

26th March:

Morning Session - Community Updates

Prosperity Partnership AMPLIFI

    S Bland and F Suzuki-Vidal (Slides)


    R Scott (Slides)


    T Arber (Slides) and J Chittenden (Slides)


    N Woolsey (Slides) and A Crilly (Slides)

Afternoon Session - International Collaborations

ICF and HEDP Facilities and Access

    E Tubman (Slides) and G Gregori (Slides)

NIF Discovery Science Experiment

    B Appelbe (Slides)

IAEA AI 4 Fusion Coordinated Research Project

    A Crilly (Slides)

Mini-poster and Discussion Session

27th March:

Morning Session - IFE Facility Opportunities

Central Laser Facility and Vulcan 2020

    K Glize (Slides)


    W Garbett (Slides)

Eureka Consortium Project

    D Walker (Slides)


    S Le Pape


    D Batani (Slides)

Consortium Business Meeting

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