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The UK Inertial Fusion Roadmap

The UK Inertial Fusion Consortium draws members from all UK groups with research interests in Inertial Fusion. From this, a small group, the Roadmap Committee, was tasked with drafting a 15-year Roadmap. The Roadmap Committee was: R.H.H. Scott (Chair), T.D. Arber, A.R. Bell, J. Chittenden, W.J. Garbett, P.A. Norreys, J. Pasley and N. Woolsey. We also acknowledge the extensive contributions of S. Rose and G. Gregori to the Roadmap. The Roadmap was subsequently revised based on input from the wider UK Inertial Fusion Consortium. The views expressed within this document are personal opinions and do not necessarily represent those of their institutions.


The Roadmap can be downloaded by clicking the red PDF symbol below.

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