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The UK Inertial Fusion Consortium is an inclusive network of people. We value multiple points of view and recognise that diversity drives innovation.  We aim to foster collaborations and research programmes to solve questions in inertial fusion in a way that is mindful of participants’ need to develop and manage their careers. We will adopt both top-down and grassroots approaches to supporting Consortium equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) initiatives and setting objectives.

The UK Inertial Fusion Consortium encourages all members to:

  • Consider equality, diversity and inclusivity in all activities

  • Respond constructively to EDI discussions at meeting

  • Foster awareness of equality in decision making

  • Be familiar with relevant policies and legislation through participation in EDI training within their home organisations

  • Bring information on equality initiatives to the attention of the Consortium

  • Celebrate EDI successes and developments


To broaden the inertial fusion community, the UK Inertial Fusion Consortium will:

  • Include EDI as a standing item in all meetings

  • Work to influence organisational and cultural change across high energy density physics

  • Take forward suggestions to enhance equality, diversity and inclusion

  • Promote a welcoming and supportive working and research culture

  • Establish ad-hoc sub-groups in relation to specific areas of EDI, as appropriate

  • Encourage schemes that support disadvantaged groups by any protected characteristic


The Inertial Fusion Consortium will review, annually, EDI activities associated with its initiatives and activities.

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